Our mission is to empower veterans, servicemembers, and first responders to create and tell their stories through film.
Our veterans and first responders have given so much to our country, and we want to do more than just "raise awareness" for suicide. We want to try and do something about it - through filmmaking.

We hire and cast veterans and first responders whenever possible, promote veteran-owned businesses, invite them to be a part of the movie-making process (whether in front of or behind the camera) and make films that are authentic so that other veterans can watch and be able to relate to it and say, "YES! That's true!" Civilians can work alongside veterans and learn to understand veterans better too. Hopefully we can help close this gap between veteran and civilian.

Ultimately, we hope to give veterans that ease, that community and sense of belonging again. We hope to help them find that reason to love life again... so that we don't keep losing veterans.

We need your support.

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